Best and Easiest Ways to Earn VC in NBA 2K21

Want to earn VC fast in NBA 2K21? In this post, I'll show you a few methods that all the possible ways to earn VC in the game. These are the eight best and easiest ways to do so.

1. Play MyCareer games for stacks of VC

The most direct way to earn VC is through MyCareer mode. In this mode, you will create your own player, choose your own build, size, and position and play through your own career.

You will earn VC with each game you play. And the amount of VC you can earn will depend on how well you play that single game.

The better you play, the more opportunities you will have to earn some serious VC. If you've really started rising then you can get big endorsements.

You're lucky if you get these since these greatly increase the amount of VC that you earn from playing.

2. Endorsement Contracts


During the course of your MyCareer gameplay, you'll earn a couple of fans depending on how good you play every game. And once you earn enough fans, brands like Nike, Jordan, Gatorade, etc will want to sign endorsement deals with you. The more fans you have, the more brands will sign a contract with you. And the more you can negotiate the amount of VC you'll receive with each event.

3. Play the Daily Spin for easy VC

Moving on, in MyCareer mode, the neighborhood has some of the easiest and least time-consuming ways to earn VC fast. The Daily Spin is one such method, which can be found at Jeff's 2K Arcade in the neighborhood.

Inside, you will find a wheel that you can spin each day for free daily prizes. If you are lucky, you can anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand extra VC just by spinning the wheel. Of course, this may also include a large number of NBA 2k21 mt coins.

4. Earning VC With the NBA 2k21 Mobile App

Another easy way to earn some VC in NBA 2K21 is to download the NBA 2K21 Mobile App. Downloading the game's app will ensure that you are rewarded with VC every day.

Just log in daily to collect 500 VC a day. This isn't the quickest method with the highest payoff but it's consistent at least.

5. Play Different Casual Play modes

For casual players, there are a couple of game modes you can choose if you select "Play Now" in the main menu.


Here are the quick game modes and the respective VC you can earn:

• Quick Play: 100 VC/Per Game
WNBA: 100 VC/Per Game
• Black Top: 200 VC/Per Game

If you're interested in the fastest way to earn VC, check out the VC Glitch post. It utilizes the Black Top game mode to get up to 24, 000 VC per hour.

6. Face-Off Against Players on The Stage

The Stage is basically a giant betting ground where you battle players in a competition. Winning will earn you some VC while losing will cost you a bit of it.

This means that this method is a High Risks/High Rewards type scenario. If you're playing well and you feel lucky then you can Ante up so that you can win some serious VC.

7. Answer the questions on 2KTV to get VC

You can try tackling the NBA 2K21 2KTV quiz to win some free VC. All you have to do is answer questions that appear on each episode of 2KTV. Like the app, this one of the easiest methods to earn VC without actually playing the game.

8. Real-World NBA Results

While you're in The Neighborhood, remember that you can also predict results of real-world NBA matches to earn some additional VC on the side if you happen to predict correctly.

The above are all the ways to earn VC in the game. Also, click here, feel free to check out our other guides to learn more helpful tips and tricks like where is the best place to buy NBA 2k21 mt.